Sunday, May 19, 2013

A rainbow party!

This past weekend we celebrated Paige's first birthday!  I had a simple, small party at our house with just family and a couple friends.  We kept the menu simple with hamburgers and hot dogs, fruit, chips with dip, and pasta salad.

I decided on a rainbow theme before she was even born and started pinning ideas of pinterest.  I made all of the decorations myself but decided to order the cake and was not disappointed.  Paige was very unsure of her cake at first but after a couple of minutes dug right into the mess. 

She had a blast and it was the perfect day, I can't believe it's already over!  Time to start pinning for next year :)

 photo banner

 balloon wreath

 smash cake
 birthday girl

 not so sure
 inside of cake
 deciding it's ok

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Happy Birthday Paige!

Where has this year gone?  I can't believe I no longer have a baby but a 1 year old.  It seems like just yesterday that your daddy was on his way home from Afghanistan to be here for your arrival and my nerves started kicking in as we drove to the hospital on your birthday.

You have so much personality Paige!  You remind me of myself in a lot of ways.  You are always smiling, love to be where everyone else is but have a quick temper and will let everyone know when you are not happy about something.

You took your first steps in the last month and are currently up to 5 steps without falling.  I don't think it will be long and you will be running.  You love to blow kisses, act like you are on the phone when we tell you to say "Hello", can do the "pat it" and "roll it" with your hands in patty cake, and you rub your belly with both hands when I ask you where your belly is?  You have also started shaking your head no all the time and you laugh at yourself all the time.  Your brother is finally realizing what it means to have a sibling that follows him everywhere and wants to play with everything he is.  You get very angry if someone goes into a room and shuts the door with out you.

We have just transitioned to whole milk and the change didn't even phase you.  As long as we warm it up you will drink it just like you did your bottles.  This last week you  have also finally started trying more table foods.  You have eaten squash, zucchini, mushrooms, rice, and pasta and seem to have liked all of those.  I can not wait until you will eat what we eat every night.  You love your snacks including crackers, animal cookies and Gerber puffs.  Some of your other favorite foods are cereal, yogurt, french fries, and of course what kid doesn't like ice cream? You currently have 8 teeth 4 on the top and 4 on the bottom but I can see more ready to come through any time. We do have a little bit of a problem with you biting.  You have now bit your brother, Braxton, and 2 kids at daycare and left marks on them.  We are trying to kick this problem now before you do it when you are older.  Your brother never bit so I'm not sure how we are going to solve this problem!

We are still buying size 3 diapers, and you are wearing size 12 month clothes.  There isn't anything cuter than your chunky thighs in a pair of shorts!  You can wear your size 2 shoes although that is still a stretch to keep them on.  Your hair is finally getting longer but still just as blond as the day your were born.  Keeping bows in your hair has become more difficult since you like to pull on them but with your hair at the length it is it's looking more like a mullet everyday!

Your favorite toys are your vanity, your baby stroller, and your picnic basket.  You still love your blanket and have to have it to go to sleep.  You will sleep all night in your bed and put yourself to sleep around 8 every night.  You will usually wake around 6 am to have some milk and then will go back to sleep for a little over an hour.  You still take 2 naps a day a short one in the morning and a longer one in the afternoon. 

I can't tell you how much you have completed our family and blessed us sweet Paige.  Although quite the little pistol at times you are the most playful, happy baby the majority of the time and you bring so much joy to this house.  Having you smile at us every morning when we wake you up and know when we pick you up to go to bed exactly where you are going makes us smile everyday.  I love putting you in girly clothes and picking out matching hair bows everyday!  I may or may not have 5 bathing suits for this summer simply because I couldn't resist how cute they were.  Paige we love you to the moon and back and I can't wait to see how much you grow and change in the next year.  I hope you will always smile, always love, and always know how much you are loved!  Happy Birthday sweet girl!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

1 month until the big 1!

In one short month we will be celebrating your 1st birthday.  It has absolutely flown by.  This month seems to have passed in a flash trying to remember all the things you have learned this month has been more difficult.

We are slowing introducing you to more and more real food although you are very picky with textures.  You do not like anything with pasta and spit it out or gag on it every time.  You like chicken, potatoes, and of course french fries.  You hate anything with a slimy texture, you may love it in the baby food form such as carrots, or banana's but the texture of the actual food does not sit well with you. You are taking less bottles now that your appetite for real food has picked up and I'm looking forward to the switch to whole milk.  I only hope it goes smoothly.  You are doing well with a sippy cup but have a hard time knowing that you have to tilt it back.

You still sleep really good.  We know you are tired around 7-730 every night because you cry about everything and want someone to hold you all the time.  You usually go down around 8 and may fuss for a few minutes before giving in and falling asleep.  You love your blankie and will fall right asleep when you have it.  Wake up time is generally around 5-530 every morning, I wish we could stretch this just a little longer but I can't complain to much since you generally eat and go right back to sleep.

Paige you are really on the move this month.  You crawl every where and love to follow your brother where ever he goes.  You can pull yourself up to stand and even stand by yourself for a few seconds before falling.  You will walk if holding onto something but not by yourself quite yet. You get into everything and we can't turn our backs for a second. 

You are gradually out growing 9 month clothes which is perfect timing for warmer weather.  I can't wait to put you in all your summer dresses and rompers.  You are in size 3 diapers, and I would still say a size 2 shoe.  Your feet have to be the littlest baby feet I've ever seen, every pair of shoes I buy will not stay on your feet.  I think you are finally starting to get a little more hair which makes it stick out around your bows but not enough for a pony tail. 

You celebrated your first Easter this month at grandma and papa's. Although you didn't really hunt eggs you still looked cute in your dress holding the one egg you did find.  We also took you to Disney on ice this month.  We have taken Chase every year since he was 1 and you did great sitting through the show without throwing a fit! We discovered out of all things your hands are ticklish.  You love to smile and talk to people you know but still give dirty looks to everyone you don't know who tries to talk to you.  We have been selling a lot of the baby stuff and it's bittersweet.  I'm glad to be decluttering but realizing our last baby is almost not a baby anymore makes me sad.

Your party planning is almost complete.  Invites have been ordered and addressed.  Balloons, decorations, and tableware are bought and your outfit and bow have been purchased.  I can't believe you are almost 1.  I love you to the moon and back sissy and can't believe how big you are getting.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

10 months, the time flies

I can hardly believe we are celebrating another month.  This one snuck up on me and I forgot to take your picture until the next day. 

You are officially crawling and pulling up to stand. It seemed like it took you a while to get started but once you did you were off.  You get very mad if you can't do something you want to do.  You love playing with your toys and have been very into your baby dolls lately. 

You are eating about the same, still baby food and bottles a few times a day.  I have tried introducing you to regular table food but the textures really get to you and you usually gag on things.  We tried peas the other day and you gagged and coughed and refused to try any more.  You haven't been as interested in baby food and it's hard trying to get you to eat a full container.  You have 4 teeth now, 2 on top and 2 on bottom.  You can bite pretty hard and have got my finer and even my foot once. 

You are still wearing 9 month clothes but have the littlest feet ever and can still wear size 1 shoes.  Your hair is coming in a little more but is very blond and not enough to go without your everyday bow.  You are still wearing a size 3 diaper. 

The talk all the time and say daddy way more than you say mamma.  You can wave bye-bye, clap and blow kisses when you feel like doing so.  You got your first case of pink eye and hopefully your last this month and ended up with it in both eyes.  We also battled the stomach flu again.  I am so ready for spring to arrive and hope these illnesses are behind us. 

Your sleeping schedule as been less than desirable lately.  You have been waking up at least once a night to eat and then with being sick you don't fall back asleep very easily.  We have spent a few nights on the couch because that is the only way you will fall back asleep. 

I am really starting to work on party planning now and can't believe we are so close to celebrating your first birthday!  We love you so much sissy and we are enjoying watching your personality coming out more everyday.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day!

This year seemed to sneak up on me fast.  Chase had his class party the day before Valentine's due to teacher conference's.  I let Chase pick what he wanted to give out for Valentine's this year and he picked bubbles.  I found them in the party isle as Wal-Mart in packs of 4 and then bought blow pops to go along with the.  I found a cute free printable on pinterest and tied them on.  For his teachers I found another printable on pinterest and attached them to boxes of brownies.  Super simple but I waited until the day before to tie everything together.  I made brown sugar blondies with m&m's for his treat to take.  They were super simple and very good.

It was a low key Valentine's day since Chase had gymnastics but we all had a good day and were glad to spend it together! 

9 month check in

3/4 of a year old!  In 3 short months you will be 1 year old.  This month you have been so much fun, but a little stink at times too.

You are currently cutting 3 teeth.  2 on the top and 1 on the bottom and for some reason you like to grind your teeth by rubbing the bottom one that has already came through on the top one trying to poke through.  It makes the worst sound! Your first tooth didn't seem to bother you very much but with 3 coming in at once you are fussy, running a fever, and not sleeping as good as you normally do.  You eat very well, eating baby food 3 times a day and about 4 bottles a day as well.  I am slowing introducing you to softer non baby foods and you seem to do very well with these so we will slowly incorporate more and more.

This month you had  your first bout of the stomach flu when the whole house came down with it.  You actually had the most mild case out of all of only getting sick a couple times and running a fever for a couple days.  You did sleep a little more but your mood seemed to stay the same.  Your sleep schedule is pretty much the same that it has been for a few months.   You go down around 8 and sleep until about 6 am.  You are just like your brother in that you have to have your blankie to fall asleep but unlike him at least we have 2 so we can wash them without having to sneak it away! 

You are almost crawling, you get all the way up and low crawl but are still rocking back and forth to get the whole think down pat.  You don't let that stop you though you get everywhere you want to go by rolling and scooting.  You are also starting to pull your self up to your knees to get to things that you want.  It won't be long and you will be everywhere. 

You are wearing size 9 month clothes and size 3 diapers.  You finally fit into shoes that I've had forever!  It seems you have the smallest little feet.  I'm so excited to put you in sandals this summer with little painted toes. 

Your favorite toys are pretty much anything you can put in your mouth but you love your vanity, fridge, and picnic basket.  Chase makes you laugh all the time by just talking to you.  I love watching the 2 of you together and hope you will always be close.  You can clap and wave bye, bye and Maxine is trying get your to blow kisses.  You are way more shy than your brother ever was and have a look that could kill.  You seem way more keen to women than men.  You have quite the little personality and are pretty easy going most of the time.  I can't believe it's been 9 months since you arrived but I'm so looking forward to watching you turn into a little girl, although I hope  you grow some hair in the process!  We love you so much and can't imagine our house without you in it!
I won't know your stats until your doctors appt next week but will update them then.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

8 months old alrelady

I just can't believe in 4 short months you will be a year old.  I wish I could keep you a baby for a little longer.

You have such a little personality and grandma and Aunt Tiffy call you a snoot.  You are usually a very smiley baby when someone is talking to you but lately if it is a man trying to talk to you that you don't see often you give them a very stern look and refuse to smile.  You have also been very much a mamma's baby this last month and have moments when no one else can seem to make you happy.

We have transitioned back to your room finally after you being sick and sleeping in your bunny bed for a while.  For some reason though you are waking up around midnight every night.  We have tried to ignore you and let just fall back asleep but this has not worked.  We are trying to figure it out as you are quickly outgrowing your bunny bed. You have to have your blanket to go to sleep which makes it difficult when you wake up in the middle of the night since we take it way once you are asleep.

Your first tooth appeared while we were in New York and it looks so cute.  It is the bottom right front tooth. You love eating and there hasn't been much that you don't like. You are becoming more independent and would much prefer to feed yourself baby puffs and yogurt drops than to have me feed you.  You eat 3 meals a day and usually 4-5 bottles.  You have the chunkiest little thighs and sometimes your pants barely fit over them.

You are wearing 6-9 month clothes and size 3 diapers.  You are finally starting to get a little more hair even if it is still bright blonde.  People still say that you look a lot like your brother and go back and forth between me and your dad. 

Your first plane ride went great.  You slept the majority of the time, and just sat and looked around during the other times. You got to meet all of the Legault side of the family while in NY but were very out of your routine when it came to naps and bedtime.  Your favorite toy right now has to be your fisher price vanity.  You love playing with the bracelet and lipstick. You can scoot backwards when on your tummy but haven't quite figured out the crawling forward thing yet. 

We love you to the moon and back sissy and can't imagine our life without you in it.  I can't wait to see how much you change in the next 4 months.